johann vernizzi, graphic designer & art director.
zaccarelli custom shop

andré zaccarelli is a luthier from são paulo, and asked me to create the visual identity for his shop and his custom guitars. since our music taste is pretty much the same, the intention was to create a logo that reminded the 1970's protopunk bands. for his luthier shop, i created a worn version of the logo to represent all of the wood work present on his job. for his custom guitars, the logo was more refined to fit better on the instruments headstocks.

design by johann vernizzi

zaccarelli custom guitars

as said before, the shop logo was rustic and worn, representing the handcrafted work. the custom guitars logo is a refined version of it. although they're slightly different to expose each ones concept, the intention was to keep the closest standards possible between them, to keep their identity tight. besides that, another logo was created. the "coruja" (owl), which is zaccarelli's custom guitar design. special thanks to mariana valverde, for photographing the guitar.