johann vernizzi, graphic designer & art director.
music videos

as a 90's kid, i grew up on mtv. music videos alway caught my attention and as i grew up and started playing in bands, i started making my own music videos. here's a few of them.

sleeping sapiens - senseless

sleeping sapiens is my duo with one of my best friends. it's a noisy garage band. this video was made analogically with help from joshua rogers, from broken machine films. we filmed it in my backyard and then wonked the tape. then we recorded it over another vhs tape, that had an old star trek episode (which we've kept a lil' part on the ending).

the cabin fever club - little girl

the cabin fever club is my home-alone music project. i record everything in my room, on a homemade studio. it's real simple and lo-fi recordings. i filmed this one between brazil's countryside and the french riviera.

the cabin fever club - april

this video was recorded on my bedroom (just like the song), using the webcam. the song is very intimistic and the idea was to capture and translate that essence into the video.

the cabin fever club - weed and wine

i filmed this one during a time out on the countryside. for days, all i did was wonder around pastures. i tried to put the feeling i felt on this video, by slowing down the speed and keeping a steady camera.